So Realistic That She Almost Had Me in Tears

The following blog post was written by Ray, a guest at our Llandrindod Wells event.

My wife and I left Canada and spent a couple of weeks in Wales. It is a beautiful country but I have to say that, like most men, I hate walking! I was led to believe that you needed to walk to appreciate the beauty of the countryside. However, we heard about Strolls ‘n’ Stories and decided to check it out.

We joined Jan on a stroll through the countryside around Llandrindod Wells and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I learned to admire those people who have an appreciation of nature because frankly, I have none! However, I have to say that “strolling” instead of “walking” gave me the time to admire the spectacular scenery.


Added to this was the amazing ability of Jan to tell stories appropriate to the area and the history. She was able to project herself as the person from the past and, at times, almost so realistic in her portrayal of the character that she almost had me in tears.

This is an experience not to be missed, especially if you are like me and think you “would not enjoy it” … you will!

The added bonus was our stay at the Metropole Hotel. This was a 120 year old hotel that has been well maintained. The accommodation was wonderful and the only word to describe the breakfast and evening meals was FANTASTIC!