Ireland 2020

Announcing our new long weekends (4-5 days) for 2020 to exciting and beautiful places, full of stories and life, but not as we know it! 

International Trips to Ireland

Trip #1: Ireland, County Meath 

For those who missed it before we will be repeating our Irish trip to County Meath and its ancient burial sites of Newgrange and Knowth, including the monasteries at Kells and Slane and extending it to Drogedha by the coast. See our blog for details of what we got up to last year!

Trip #2: South of Ireland 

We will be adding a visit to the South of Ireland and visiting the dingle area which is St Brendon country. Beautiful coastline, Brendon creek , mountain and holy well. Travelling through the stunning Connar pass. Time to swim with Fungie the dolphin in dingle bay if you so wish. Definitely visiting the Fahan Beehive huts dated AD 500 and the Gallurus Oratory in the shape of an upturned boat which has survived the elements beneath the brown hills for some 1500 years. All this with possible visits to Kilarney and its national park and Ardvert with its famous holy well. So much to see and do with built in leisure time to rest. Coastline, mountains and ancient sites with fascinating stories ....this is Ireland at its best.

Its going to be a great year for exploring and storytelling. Let us know if you might be interested in any of these forthcoming trips and we will ensure you receive the detailed information as soon as it becomes available. People were disappointed as places went quickly last year, ...don't miss out this time! Just let us know if you might be interested and in which trips.